Your article is perhaps the most thoughtful contemporary Work on the subject of Atheism/Religion(s) I have read. I was, like most folks I know raised in a family that down through the generations believe-in-"God". I spent at least 7-years connected to a Missionary program/Bible camp. Studying the bible from Genesis to Revelations. {Looking back I expect that I was one of those rare creatures who even as a child was never..quite..convinced on that 'Father-In-The-Sky' thing(!)}

~~ I purposefully and energetically--but will admit did not find it so 'easy' to toss-off the 'Idea/Ideal' of an all-knowing/all-powerful Judeao-Christian God. But I was somewhat 'fearless' about getting to a kind of Truth. Thus I studied just-as-hard to learn alternatives to those Protestant services as the preachers must have worked at attempting to 'Train' me on the ins & outs of Religion.

~~ First I got to know all I could about many of the major/minor religions of other cultures. My peers and I had many 'furious' after-class debates those first 2-years in college. Even these days I still ravenously study contemporary as well as the great Philosophers. Such is my joy.

~~ As frightening as it was earlier on to challenge the deep concept of Religion, I took up the challenge boldly; facing it straight-forwardly. I have over many years come down on the staunchly, strongly and absolutely logical side of it all--as understanding that any/all religions are not so very *different from what our Forebear felt/believed when they experienced ShootinStars, Earthquakes, etc.

~~ There is (of course) not any believable [M]an 'upstairs'. Nor woman or creature of any kind--who can in any manner devise any way to Create this/these Universe(s). In my modest and widely-read opinion on such--Belief/Religion comes mainly and essentially out of (Fear-mongering). Heaven/Hell is often (the 'business' of) another way of keeping the 'sheep' in the Social-flock.

~~ Thank you again for bringing to our MEDIUM [flock] this very clear and concise analysis on the whys and wherefores of Atheism. I am sure you settled a lot of mind and spirits. Especially of those on the edge or even near the 'fence'. ..and also, You ROCK! : )



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Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }