Our Lofty Leader Distresses His Nation

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr
2 min readDec 5, 2020
photo: F.L.Willow-RogersJr. // art: Former, Trump — Streets of NY

Has anybody else wondered…

— About all those many, Many — MANY relatively Important Political persons beating-the-brush for Trump that are married and have (serious) acquaintances.

— And noted that these TrumpITEs have reasonably intelligent friends; a chain of well-meaning relatives — as well as hoards of well-read middle school-to-college age children… .

These friends & kids are not themselves dumb, but faithful to their parent’s acquaintances. All despite/in spite of their own such parents. — (They are themselves serious and intelligent Students), studying in America’s best schools.

The friends and kids we speak of are kin to the Trump-folks who hold all those (many and varied) Government positions which reek recently of our concern! These trifling Republican-Job[ed] parents who do the ‘dirty’ jobs for what has been called America’s true-‘MadMan’!

Is there anyone out here who dares bet that these (independently minded) children of Trump’s-minions, don’t in fact constantly Think about and seriously consider what their {TrumpISH} moms and dads are doing to the Nation… ?

About our President himself: Trump, that NEROish lout, daily spewing his spittle/fiddle-of-Lies, as The United States ‘burns’ — (which this friend-of-no-one stupidly Allows) — fanning fervently his out-of-control fever called CORONAVIRUS!

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

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