Our Country ’Tis Of Thee… .

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr
1 min readAug 14, 2020
photo: by f.l.w-rJR. // child’s ART-placement ,“TBS”@44th / NYC highschool

Look around the Nation, Summer of 2020. In the middle of this Medical/Economic pathos we all are commonly suffering. It seems a powerfully few Caucasians have become a “SocioPolically” Ethnic PURGE group. (Utilizing) OurAmericanFlag in an extreme and twisted manner!

Watch any general protest. Groups of White persons emerge with a vengence. (Mostly) poor to lower middle-class; clutching TheFlag as if it is “THEIRS” and theirs alone! As if everyone else in our Nation are Foreigners/Invaders. They use TheFlag as literally a weapon. As if to state: this is MyAmerica/NotYourAmerica…even (against) progressive ‘other’ WhiteFolks(?/!).

Very often certain Caucasians act as if the [*Pick-up Truck and TheFlag] is all they have ever had — and ever will Have. As if TheFoundingFathers are Theirs-Alone, *belonging to nobody else in this Country at all.

‘Their’ AmericanFlag seems to have become, or speaks loudly of: ‘GoBackToYOURcountry’ — to anybody/everybody who does not look (often like a Southern[er]/Western[er]) type of citizen. It seems that to them this category bespeaks a ::struggling::: (their definition) ‘American’ Caucasian.

..An all this silly ::confusion(?) unfortunately::: long after, (155-years) since Our War Between The States is still in many ways UnRepaired.

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }