Mere Phase or Deep Absoluteness

PHOTO: f.l.willow-rogersJr. // ART: “tbs”, annual-show

In that ‘far out’ neo-discussion about

What Being and Nothingness is, let us

Go back an astral-biological distance.

What and where did that which we

Expect is/to deemed consciousness

Arrive, or is infinitely remote from?

Can this have been that *singularity of/or

Combo of an egg and/or sperm from

Our Olden, Ancient or Contemporary

“Forebears”? This question interestingly

Enough seems to be a quagmire of the

Common mind. One that not even the

Best of the vaulted and hierarchical

Mentors walking among us can easily explain.



Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }