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There was a time when there was no Time. When there was no Space. Then out of seemingly nowhere protoPrimal-Stuff was suddenly blasted directly out from the very finest point. Outward into every conceivable direction. Ergo, ”TheBigBang”! It seems this can obviously have been the absolute Mother of all BANGs! Looking deeper we can also presume there may be universes within Universes within The UNIVERSE. [As if spatial complication ranges from MultiVerse to *MotherVerse — or perhaps even in the reverse(!)]

There are those of us who question whether our particular “Bang” was in fact just a once and forever absolute frame of action, referencing as it were some singular Universal occurrence. The thinking is here we are now and forever, having experienced that powerful explosion, never to be experienced again. A once told story referencing nothing outside our limited understanding. Noting that nothing could have been formed such as this previously; nor ever will occur as such again.

Utilizing this ‘mechanic’ it is thought inevitably that all BigBangs must by some intrinsic nature of Being slow down at their farthest extension before their recollapse back into a zero mode and an equally impressive cooling or “BigCrunch”. Taking this theory one step farther one might surmise that other Universe(s) can naturally and consistently form inside that all consuming, all containing, MotherOfAllBANGS!

It is this interesting sort of singularity which can be seen as an initial Blackhole or prototype, if THE-Universe-of-all Universes does in fact exist. This interesting aspect predicts a foremost Coincidence-Of-Being. To fully understand this boundless phenomenon, one needs to imagine a reversal of Time and Space and all which that contains. Taking oneself back to that premier and singular center of whatever we can imagine as the heart of a limitedless, borderless, initial and infinite Universe of Universes.

This can of course be fathomed only were one to believe in NO ‘religious’ God of any kind. That there is no gray bearded “Man” suspended in infinite Time and Space somewhere OutThere. One would have to deeply and humbly understand that the phenomenon of Being is solely a peculiar if stupendous [MUMM]: Mechanical Universal Momentary Movement; at some ultra-imaginable starting-point. One wholly silent if all encompassing movement-of-matter. ‘Creating’ without external aid all that we can possibly know as an ultimate concept of Time/Space.

This is not likely to be understood by most “Earthlings” and they will not care to make any important note of it. They each are practically born with all the ‘training’ they ever will care to know about ‘foreverness’. It is a matter not to be discussed by most since at least eighty percent of us have been successfully preached to from childhood. We know prior to any other understanding or Belief that there is “A Man Up There”, almighty and supreme. The “good folks” of our communities do not have any alternative thoughts nor adequate explanations of Him. It is not necessary — it is all about Faith.

Belief which comes most nearly through the string of birth, family and community. Even if the phenomenon of Godism is as misunderstood by us as the whole chain of DNA itself. Not any one of us has the capacity to express objective Heaven(ly) placement of God the Father; God the Son nor God the Holy Ghost, yet we exclaim to the high Heavens our faith-based right to absolutism of such. It is because we have read the unbroken chain of books and verses — but are ignorant of the fact that all we believe originated some mere four-hundred decades ago.

None of it matters. Not so unlike a baby lamb or a deep red rose lost among the weeds of a corner lot, all living things are merely born to die. There is no why nor wherefore about it. It is not given that we shall make any sense of it. But simply take the beautifully life one has and ride it out until the end, without sadness, hope nor fear.

What began as mere praise and admiration has come down to us as a key to some sort of misbegotten sense of salvation. And we need to see it now — not clasp our hands and wait to understand it all in the sweet by and bye. The one thing which is more than just beautiful ‘History’ was given us by the Apostles. That dear promise of the end of all flesh: ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’ Fret not, for it is not out of sadness nor any sense of depression that such words are uttered; but rather simple and clear understanding of the meaning of Being and Nothingness.

What never escapes one in regards to any and all cultures’ ‘teachings’ is the similar representation of each Alpha and Omega. Of all their Beginnings and Endings. All those beautiful lighter than air, pearly white things which good folks Wish, Hope and Pray for. It is sweet that every church or synagogue or temple-goer aim just for that. That sought out and under-explainable thing which is deemed an ultimate safe-space…somewhere, (even over the rainbow). Nothing more — nothing less.



Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }

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Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }