Earth’s humans have been conditioned through both misinterpretation of our initial civilization’s collection of Olden Text, and those heretofore stated political determinations of Modern Elders to pray as they do to a God which is not there. They are not ever going to get a response nor reaction from those (nursery rhyme like teachings) of that fabled Lord their God. Because nobody’s home; He, She or It is not UpThere! The most this whole wide world our ours does while praying en masse is perhaps greatly add to the IntraSonic-pollution of our local stratosphere. Which might hasten those Aliens which have been stashed in their stealth spaces far yet so near to come out of hiding and set us straight even earlier than late night Talk Show persons have predicted. ::kidding::: .

There is no God standing by mighty like a lion, not meek as a lamb. Nor is He fashioned in any biblical manner in the storybook likeness of an [“Only Begotten Son — Jesus Christ], born of a virgin Mary in Bethlehem who famously wondered about showing himself to be the ace apostle in his beloved city, Nazareth.

The only thing needed to openly acknowledge Faith, is we surely do believe we do not know the answer to that ultimate mystery: “Being,” prior to Birth; nor ”NonBeing,” which surely will follow our fated demise. I often wonder with some amount of amusement, if other earthly entities such as a horses a scorpion or even a mighty oak does not spend time thinking on these things as we do — (or do they? Ha).

Is that alpha and omega entity which religious folk speak of an ultimate ticking time-capsule and sum of all things past and future at once and in the same moment? Or is that God-like creature OutThere a finite flesh and blood Being itself, who who really did make us all in It’s own image?

I do not Believe that an organic Being, regardless how God-like we imagine it to be, can have a kind of constitutional conditioning which defines and determines the workings of even a mere planet like Earth. Not to mention construct and maintain all those consistent Big Bangs and that infinite stretch of boundless edge(s)..from conception into forever. There is no way a*Personage will have developed the Absolute capacity to run those countless envelopes which constitute the multitudinous interlacing of all the universe(s) of The Universe.

The Natural Progression of the mind of a serious thinker seeks an understanding of how we came to be. We need to know about that Inorganic/Organic “Machine” Out There which maintains the natural or actual order of things. Whether pretty or ugly, good or bad or even if sometimes [It] is off-time. When one really thinks about it the g[H]od of all so-called “Gods” has to be a kind of ultra and proto-mechanical ClockWork organism. The idea of God-run Universes do not function on any type of Jesus-factor devised by *Man. It is all out of our hands. Being is Out There whether we consider the fact of it or not. Both beyond the widest stretches of our imaginations, or the many layers of the inner-works of molecules. It goes on, regardless whether we have correct or incorrect conclusions about It. It is after all not about us. We are just a very wee part of all which is, on one of the trillions of billions of very insignificant planets in the Universe.

There is always a kind of elementary and self-expressed evolutionary factor to consider in such a debate as this. An argument can have been that there is a product called stone on any planet in any solar system. Stone of many kinds will rise to the surface. Over trillions of millennia it will harden, then breakdown into powder. The resulting material will lie on the surface and weather naturally for a time. Becoming even more diverse and enigmatic if you will. The introduction of wind and rain might over the eons cause this material to become a mud. Over more time and with the introduction of pressure, moisture and temperature an admixture of mathematically conjured factors can perhaps breed into this material a sort of complicated and organic mud. Such is the progression of natural evolution. As even more times passes there could develop even at this level of ‘conception’ a community of single-cell organisms. If conditions allow these simple creatures can become multi-celled and perhaps eventually mutate into a variety of communities. Who can know in which direction this proto life might lean. Perhaps with just the correct set of factors it might tend toward who knows, maybe a primitive move toward let’s say, Homo erectus some 445,000 years hence. We can thus conclude that in principle given just the right amount of time, temperature and a very few other factors, such a peculiar planetary formula can have happened.

A ruling ethnicity on a certain planet seems to push the idea of such Being in the direction they deem it to be, for their own particular purposes. They push their ideas as if theirs are the only ones which should be premier. This is in disregard of all those many other and competing ideas on the planet.

Wholly and without apology an image of a ginormous White man wearing a long white robe, carrying a simple staff and sporting a long gray beard has been steadily dominating the passions and beliefs of most of the planet. He is said to hold forth suspended somewhere high above the clouds for all Eternity. It is written, they say that “In The Beginning”, He had the idea of a peculiar singularity in which He would be the ultimate ruler, everywhere and all time — at once and at the same time.

It seems that in order to initiate that start of everything which is, was and ever will be, He is said to have arisen one fine day, thought aloud for a micro-second and said simply: “Zhazzam!” [All this if thoughtful theory of mine is of course being stated without rule, regulation or evidence of any kind whatsoever. It is mine alone and not necessarily based upon anything factual nor Infinite in actuality or thought. Nor are there any ‘bibles’ anywhere which might have initiated it’s Beginning nor End of concept. But is only an idea of understanding like any other of our many worldly and unsound (chicken-or-egg) theories.] errrrrrr, WorldWithoutEnd — Amen! ::smiling:::




Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }

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Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }

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