I AM..

photo: F.L.Willow // art: W.53rd~NYC

Therefore I think… .

Relatively different in manner from:

“The Latin cogito, ergo sum,

usually translated into English as

I think, therefore I am”,[a] is the

first principle” of René Descartes’s philosophy.”


There are though, those of us who

Interestingly enough feel we first must [BE]..

Prior to a fine raw concept of ‘thinking’.

Being [IS], in the minds of those of us

Who surmise that the Self must first arise.

From that excoriated ‘dust’ of the Universe.

Before we follow with a developed ability to think.



Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }