Hi K. Jegede; re your statement: "..I feel that what I want to say hasn’t reached full maturity, but I am writing this anyway... ." [I have a bone to pick with you in a certain respect. / 'In my humble observation, your writing HAS reached a (full) maturity.'] Your writing ability/style as exemplified above far exceeds the confidence you express in your own Work.

~~ I have read a lot of Jordan Peterson's Works, and have followed his speaking-presentations on YouTube. I am sure I disagree with his stance on most things far more than you do. Still I remain upenminded.

~~ I am an existentialist & Atheist, who understands that we two will rarely agree on much. But then again who knows what those who choose to [Read-Widely] can achieve. It is for certain neither of us will ever pause in our quest to learn more.


Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }

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