Greetings Dr. Shakira, thou art truly one Mighty of minds. That gifted few who doth understand all things “Olden”. [Verily I say thou art not so unlike the Apostle Ezekiel]. Our forebear--who in the 6thCentury BC bore direct witness to Those “gods” who cometh hither from ‘the heavens’.

Those Watchers from OnHigh who dictated Revelations, purely and simply to the chosen-Ones down here on Terra. Passing along those Olden words first written down as text on Cuneiform Tablets. Presented to those few who have eyes to ;see, ears to hear and minds to understand it all. Widely-Read from Sumer to Babylon to Canaan; if passed-along mainly to the Initiate! Thank you, thank you this truly is wholly a veritable Beast of a contribution! I look forward to reading more of your hallowed Works. :~ }