Gone Fish’n — or No?/!

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr
6 min readNov 26, 2022
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My thoughtful response to: {Tracey Folly’s —
“I Catfished Someone Half My Age”}… .(re-edited)

Hi ‘traceybyfire’; some years ago I too was ‘involved’ with a young(er) person/[lady]. We began by criss-crossing our poetry and prose on a now defunct SocialMedia site. I had by then left NYU by a number of years and was secure in a position on Wall Street. She was studying at UCLA. Both she and I reside in NYC. That great and wonderful expanse Central Park, is not the only barrier that duly separated us. Her folks’ UES-HighRise was situated nearly directly across from my own UWS-Brownstone. Aha, the 80s East vs 80s West Side.

I am a mere upper middle class guy/while her dad (she admits with candor but no brag), is one of those extraordinarily filthy rich Beings who can have everything, ha. [She confessed her mom is not so often seen at all after their devorce. Seems he settled with her a paltry sum of about 22-million and change. A furnished building and uncounted years of upkeep. None of which moves me one way or another. In this life, just give me a Moment/Laptop/Space & a bit of Peace and I will live it out quite happily.

In the beginning I had not even seen her face nor heard her voice. But just really loved the manner in which she puts ‘pen-to-paper’ in a manner of speaking. (Wondering if she has pushed her Works aside.) Her style of poetry truly moved me. For what seems a very long period I enjoyed emensly her Cyber-company, while trying my best to remain (only)-a-friend to her. But things became too personal, see intimate — on her part.

At some point I even stopped responding to her altogether. Refusing to answer when she called, and reading but not writing back when she sent a new Work to me. She did after a while actually disappear off my radar/I actually felt a huge measure of ‘relief’. She was far too serious a young lady to deal with. But then after a few years when she became a ‘professional’, she felt embolden to start-up our warm exchanges again. She even sent PICs of herself & friends, trying to embrodery or renew a true connection.

I still did enjoy her writing and she continued to respond to mine. She mellowed a bit but kept me apprised as to all she was up to. (Still to this day I am so very ‘surprised’ at her never waning interest). Literally…



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