Dodging The System

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr
1 min readJan 21, 2023
photo: F.L.Willow-RogersJr. // art: EarlyMorning Wall-Splash

The Mainstream’s spices go up, and

Sweet butter’s on the mend.

But when tha’ heck will

The masses allow white flour to rise?


The moon and Jupiter

Were low in the Eastern sky

The night I most recently voted.

I pointed and took a shot across buildings and

Central Park on that Manhattan evening.

The wonderful PICs of that night,

Later on discovery in my ‘Ultra20',

Turned-out clearly for all to behold!


I live and love and

Flirt frequently.

But never have I dispised the

Chilling art of selfishness.

Instead I do give due dilligence to

That unconsciousness which

We should all call coincidence.


Who among us

Will be the first to wade suspended

Into that narrow Perigee area

They call “The Crossing”?

Or is that Space reserved only for

Great-great-grandfather AN.U?

‘Who?’ You might ask. “Well”, I shall respond:

“You’d better ask somebody!”



Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }