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Starting at this very moment in time I will no longer attempt to *prove anything to average unread-persons/’babes-in-the-woods’ who wallow so piggishly in their own comfortable Hell of ignorance. I refer to those average folks with feet-in-clay who ignore the facts exposed in published Mysteries of Olden History and Ancient Archaeology.

I will not even bother arguing with people who can bring themselves to believe that loin cloth & sandal wearing — Bow & arrow, spear throwing — non Higher Math, [no-Wheel; no-metal tools; no-pack animal]; no strong Ropes & Pulley utilizing Peoples, were without a doubt THE actual ‘miraculous’ tribal geniuses, Superior-Builders of all those thousands of Temples, Pyramids, and immeasurably perfect cities, way back in the day! Reminder alert: This is the era when at about 11,700BCE the last great Ice Age abruptly ended. Bringing on such huge disasters as The Deluge. Later around 10,000 to 8,000BCE came the Olmecs and first-peopling of North America.

All those unbelievably numerous enclaves and magnificent structures certain history programs speak of go back to that raw era — when Cro magnon humans were just coming into our own. Coincidentally all this tremendous change and human leaps and bounds in development begins to occur just after the Flood waters dry. The very same time when history reports that all the Olden cities situated along the plains of Mesopotamia were immediately buried under untold mountains of hardening mud.

It was precisely at this time that an exceptional Tribe of “Others” who had already invaded our North African space some 300,000 years prior. Now that the flood plains have hardened they are commanding us to begin constructing light residences as we tenuously creep back down the mountainsides of our drying world. Quite soon we begin planting basic crops down along the peaks of Mt. Ararat in the Near East, followed by the same such activity down along the sides of the Andes(in the Western World). It is important to note that though developing humans have spread to other areas of the planet, there are not yet any humans at all occupying the southern half of what is now North America. This is the period when the Andes culture; the Olmec and soon to follow Aztecs, Mayans and various other Mesoamericans first came into their own.

These days so-called “Mainstream” archeologists and scientists are being proved very wrong on so very many levels, where evolving humans regarding the populating and developing of our planet is concerned. There actually has never been any real mystery about it. NeoModern and the more open-minded thinkers among us never doubted what we know for sure about the construction of all those very detailed and complicated Temples, and Pyramids on those previous uninhabitable flood plains & El Nino affected floors of the Andean jungle.

The struggling post-Diluvial humans ‘seeded’ by Noah and his family, beginning with the Olmecs, were famous for among many other things, carving the multitude of flat-nosed, full-lipped character out of gigantic boulders. These folks were the premier and genesis culture who settled the West. They were the “New Beginners”, tired and hungry neoBeings who were duly transplanted from the Mount Ararat region across the world to the Andes region in an efficient and timely manner.

These few surviving populations formed a scattering of new tribes and had to re-learn planting necessary foodstuffs and the building of shelter with supreme help from ‘The Others’. It was at this point somewhere between c. 11,000 and 8,000BCE that our modern neo-ancestors began cultivating and providing decent larder along the upper regions of their rich green mountains. As water levels dropped slowly over the centuries the muddy plateaus began to yield rich and sustainable harvests.

We all know the familiar story of the members of an especially hard working family c. 11,000BCE who were offered a chance to escape “TheFlood” along with their leader, Ziusudra(Sumerian) or Utnapishtim(Akkadian) — Noah in the ‘K.J. v of the Hebrew B’. These three names of course are the same Patriarch. A simple, honest and obedient man who has been highly mentioned by scribes in at least three major cultures, at differing eras. This “Noah” is the one pre-Diluvial member of that newly developed and over-stimulated ‘noisy’ hoard who prior to the Great Disaster had rapidly begun to overpopulate the whole known world!

Our particular version of “Noah” is that one member of Mesopotamian society who was trusted to keep the secret of the coming Storm. This member of royal society was directed to drop everything and build a unique vehicle with which to save the very essence of human and fauna and flora across earth’s population. His family and the seeds of every living creature constituted the ragged survivors of the biggest world disaster to slam the planet in millennia. Post flood situation Noah’s tribe along with the ‘seeded’-survivors of The Deluge were tasked with husbanding these ‘fruit-of-the-seeds’ gathered before the Great Storm.

All things taken together, and even as the numbers of survivors increased they still had not the time, expertise — nor the expendable energy to begin building all those multiples of pyramids, temples and high heavy walls which sprang up around the world over the next three-thousand or so years. Even were they to have had the tools and training, they could not have developed those necessary skills and so soon after the surface of our planet had sufficiently dried. No reasonable and intelligent person can claim that any redeveloping tribes of persons can have learned as much math, construction techniques and astrophysics — so swiftly! Not even in this the twenty-first century.

No thinking person can fathom tribes of newly-emerging-persons learning to construct such high, heavy and wonderful walls and pyramids stacked so beautifully? We recall that scientists have judged the weight of each individual stone at between 20 tons to 100 tons apiece. The contemporary Beings of the time were barefoot and undernourished tribespeople. There is no way they can have hoisted these grand stones to such precise heights.

Leaping forward a few millennia we know that kings and priests and scribes and their warrior clans still ruled individual societies. Scientists and explorers in the past were not sworn to such high standards and loyalty to their craft as they are today. Most often explorers did the bidding of the rulers and noblemen who supported their expensive ventures. Every expedition was in some manner a socio-religious enterprise. To speak against the king’s or priest’s slanted conclusions as to how the world might have evolved was a sure and swift way to lose your fortune, your family — not to mention your precious head!

Even into the era of the Dark Ages and Enlightening Periods, scientists and archaeologists were wary about how they wrote down their conclusions. Upon returning from their year-long explorations explorers typically are under strong pressure to favor their ruler’s narrow foresight only and not to express differing and daring opinions of their own. Unfortunately even into these times, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, degree-bearing members of our scientific and academic Societies still relay the repetitive socio-religious ‘scientific’ information down to our impressionable school children!

It makes no sense that good and faithful learned-folks still believe the hog-wash passed-down to us in politically ascribed history books. Such barbaric and under-informed science should have been thoughtfully filtered a few hundred years ago. Especially since that was a time when sacrifices were rampant, torture elicited lies from TheState’s own witnesses and weekly Witch Hunts were the norm.

It is frightening to think that “Progressive” persons today, who cheerfully pour fresh milk over their morning cereal; pull store bought socks and shoes onto the correct foot and the majority of whom have successfully completed high school — can still accept without question clearly false and outdated information. One would expect evolved and thoughtful Beings would open their minds to much broader probabilities. When will we begin to ask ourselves why it is that we continue to accept obvious Mis-INFOrmation from ancestors who were far more scientifically innocent and academically more ignorant than even present middle-schoolers are? Often we are saved through mere coincidence: Think of the vital differences a couple of rather recent scientists such as Louis Pasteur and Madam Curie made to jolt us into this new and openly progressive era.

I truly do believe The Old and New Testaments are valid as a true ‘History’ of certain NearEast Peoples. What I do not ascribe to is the ghost-in-the-closet, or spirit-from-the-graveyard beliefs which daily dominate the minds of most intelligent persons I meet. After all this time of sprites and fairies one would think that more of us would have opening our minds to a sense of objectivism. Even a wider range — getting out of our limited ‘neighborhood’ of reading might extend our hearts and minds a bit.

Yes of course there have been “gods”(powerful people not so unlike ourselves), who roamed the earth in the olden past — but never have there ever been “Gods”(imaginative characters who live in Ivory Towers among the clouds)! “Religion” is a more a kind of parlor game of the imagination — gifted-to-us by factors such as shooting-stars and cutely innocent if glittering stories passed-down by our otherwise ignorant and fearful elders. Some will express it as simply Bull-Shit, coupled with a high-order calculation of the lowest kind!

An historical fact: Emperors and self-appointed Priests sat about deciding which packets of discovered ‘Ancient’ information they could/would/should keep and which they’d literally destroy. It has been proven that even the Books of the Bible were randomly chosen. Those tossed-aside are only now being brought to light by dutiful archaeologists and Truth-bearing historians. I admit it does on the surface seem far easier and more convenient to accept what is fed us than to participate in the open-minded choosing of our own Heavenly manna of a wider library. The fodder we accept for ourselves consistently is not so unlike feeding pablum to a purely bred baby.

The most objective information and amazing artifacts from Olden and Ancient times were extensively looted from Mesopotamia/Indus Valley/Africa/Egypt and Mesoamerica. In the process the actual and true stories of how we came to be were subjectively re-told to-order by the powers that be. One can only wonder what it is they thought they had to fear. But nowadays things are changing. That once faraway ceiling of factual understanding is finally within reach of the everyday mind. Radio and TV-programs; magazines and best-selling books with objective insight are being bought, read and consumed by the millions. For example a ‘standard’ such as the History channel, once known mainly for it’s stories of General Custer and Andrew Jackson is now rife with well-researched documentaries on Sumer, the magnificent pyramid of China and the Olmecs.

The fact of the matters regarding everything which has occurred on our planet is very rapidly being exposed for it’s buried Truths — even as we ‘speak’! The general population now tune-in daily to shows such as “Coast to Coast” on FM-radio, and also ‘Discovery’ TV-channels on public as well as other open-minded cable-TV networks. Unlike the age of the Library of Alexandria, as wonderful as it might have been, rebel writers of the 21stCentury are quietly ushering-in an Olden/Ancient ‘academic’ revolution of their own kind. Every restless or ill-informed ethnicity and culture around the Planet can now and with a tap of the finger “Google” or “Bing” all the extensively researched materials which are so bountifully available, whenever they choose.




Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }

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Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Writer/Photographer; (A.F.S.P.P.F./NASA), Brokerage; . Dep’t of Education; StudentOfTheGame: POKER;~ }

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