Aug 22

photo: F.L.Willow // art: W.53rd~NYC

Therefore I think… .

Relatively different in manner from:

“The Latin cogito, ergo sum,

usually translated into English as

I think, therefore I am”,[a] is the

first principle” of René Descartes’s philosophy.”


There are though, those of us who

Interestingly enough feel we first must [BE]..

Prior to…



Jul 27

PHOTO: f.l.willow-rogersJr. // ART: “tbs”, annual-show

In that ‘far out’ neo-discussion about

What Being and Nothingness is, let us

Go back an astral-biological distance.

What and where did that which we

Expect is/to deemed consciousness

Arrive, or is infinitely remote from?

Can this have been that *singularity of/or

Combo of an egg and/or sperm from




Whoa, I learned a lot through reading your well-packed article.

~~ My god-Mum, though she has a Jewish mom and Duch dad, was born in Yokahama in 1910. Being from northern Texas, Eline taught me how to really appreciate NYC. She was my gMom for 25-wonderful years.



Jul 19

photo: F.L.Willow-RogersJr. // art: SAKIcup~of curiosity

Or is such study perhaps the other way /

‘Round? Theories are often ‘wrong’!

Until we read-widely, enough /

To learn we might be essentially

On a right-path. Which track it turns out /

We know now, after researching

Any and all other directions available to us. /

We further…



Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

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